Mimmo Paladino

Mimmo Paladino was born in 1948 in Paduli, in the province of Benevento, where he still lives and works.

His artistic career began in 1968 with an exhibition in arcades, presented by the young critic

Achille Bonito Oliva, who will accompany him during his intense artistic career, with the adventure of the trans.

Since 1987 the work of Paladino is officially recognized

at the international level, after the many exhibitions in major museums in Europe, the United States,

of South America and Japan. In 1988, the Venice Biennale dedicated a room inside the

Italian pavilion. His talent and his creative genius adapt to varying situations:

architectural interventions for churches, squares, buildings, but also the theater that he is the protagonist

scene since the early nineties.

In 1993 he started working with the art workshop Cats Ceramics in Faenza, established relationship

over the years, still exists. 2002 is the year of the great retrospective at the center for contemporary art

Luigi Pecci. In 2003, Paladin is the artist chosen to represent the Italian art during the Italian presidency in Brussels: the equestrian sculpture Zenith is installed in the square of the registered

the European parliament. In 2004, the Royal Palace of Caserta, within the project Terrae Motus, the

a dedicated staff with recent work including a large round ceramic homage to Beuys.

In 2005, he is the protagonist of a series of solo exhibitions: al mar art museum of the city of Ravenna,

where for the first time exposed the sets are made ​​in the last fifteen years in Cà Pesaro,

in Venice for the Biennale, with the terracotta large format, in Naples, in two events,

at the Teatro San Carlo in the design of the scenes of "fidelio" and at the Capodimonte museum with an exhibition dedicated to Don Quixote, during which will also be screened his film, free interpretation of Don Quixote, he realized, as a director , last September.

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