Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia, born in Florence on April 20, 1946. studied at the Art Institute and then enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, receiving a diploma in 1969. visit India, Turkey and much of Europe before settling in Rome in 1970. During the 70's his work distances itself more and more from conceptual art in favor of a rediscovery of the pictorial language, attracting more and more attention from critics Italian and European. Between September 1980 and August 1981 he moved to Monchengladbach in Germany, where having obtained a scholarship stops to work for a year, then moved to New York, where he settled for over two decades, while continuing to travel frequently between New York and Ronciglione and later montalcino.

He was part of the group of the trans, in whose exhibitions he has exhibited in some of the most important museums and galleries around the world. He has exhibited at the biennial Paris and Sao Paulo and several times at the Venice Biennale.

E 'was present in prestigious group exhibitions in major museums around the world. He has held major solo exhibitions in many of the most significant international museum spaces, including the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam (1983), the Metropolitan Museum in New York (1984), museums in Berlin (1984, 1992), the Museum of Modern Art Paris (1984); museums in Dusseldorf (1984), Antwerp (1989), Mexico City (1989), palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence (1991), museums of Karlsruhe (1992), Palm Springs (1993), villa Medici in Rome (1995), palazzo Reale in Milan (1997), the MOMA in Boca Raton, Florida (1997), the Municipal Gallery of Siena (1997), the Municipal Gallery of Trent (2000) and the art museum of the city of Ravenna (2000). his anthology was hosted recently (2002) in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. He currently lives and works in New York, Rome and Montalcino where through his winery castle hermitage, is responsible for the production of fine wines including the renowned Brunello.

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Sandro Chia

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